A Unique Bridal Preservation Beneath a Grand Glass Dome

Wedding Couple

The tale unfolded when Alex approached me with a desire for a wedding bouquet preservation that transcended the ordinary. Eager for something distinct, she yearned for a departure from the familiar shadow box frames typically employed in such projects. Her vision was clear – she envisioned a creation that was not just memorable but grander, more captivating.

What started as a simple request evolved into a small artistic endeavour, a journey that unfolded as I delved into the challenge of encapsulating the beauty of Alex's blooms beneath the transparent embrace of a specially sourced, large glass dome.  As Alex and Bryden shared their vision, I knew that the conventional methods wouldn't suffice. A large glass dome would be the perfect vessel for their love-infused blooms, but finding one to accommodate the size of a wedding bouquet was a challenge I was willing to embrace.

Bridal Group Flowers

The bridal bouquet, a radiant collection of blossoms and foliage that bore witness to the vows exchanged and promises made, arrived in my studio with an air of trust and anticipation. The skilled hands at The Wilderness Florist in Paraparaumu had crafted a magnificent ensemble for the couple's big day, setting the stage for the floral beauty that would soon be preserved.

Bride and wedding flowers

To preserve the individual elements, I opted for a combination of techniques. Silica sand cradled each bloom, freezing them in a moment of vibrancy and shape. Simultaneously, the foliage underwent a treatment of glycerol and air drying, ensuring that each leaf retained its lush greenery, ready to narrate the tale of the love-laden bouquet.  As the flowers and foliage underwent their preservation metamorphosis, I sourced a large glass dome that would soon house the curated ensemble. Opting for a French country dome featuring a sleek black base, the dimensions measured 34cm in height and 26cm in width.

Preserved Rose

The reunion beneath the expansive glass dome was a delicate dance of artistry. Each flower found its place, creating an arrangement that mirrored the original bouquet's charm and charisma.  The result was enchanting—a visual symphony frozen in time, capturing the unique essence of Alex and Bryden's love.

As I reflect on this special bridal preservation, I'm reminded that every project is an exploration of love and artistry. Alex and Bryden's unique vision challenged the conventional, and in doing so, created something beautiful that I’m proud to showcase.

Large glass dome with dried flowers from wedding

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