Flower Preservation Frequently Ask Questions

We've gathered a list of all your flower preservation questions and answered them here... if your question isn't covered here, feel free to send me a note!

Does Pink Trunk dry any type of flowers?

Yes, we aim to dry every type of flower from your bouquet.  Results will vary for each and there may be some loss of blooms, particularly those that are fragile at the start.  When we receive your bouquet, we carefully take it apart and preserve each flower and stem individually. This way, we can honour the unique beauty of each bloom and use the best drying method for that specific type.  Whilst we can dry most flowers, framing specific ones presents a challenge. Larger blooms like proteas or peonies may need to be displayed in profile within the frame due to their depth, making forward-facing placement difficult.  If we can't fit them into our standard frame, we have other options like a customised option or a large glass dome.

Will my flowers fade?  

You can anticipate a small amount of natural fading, colour fluctuations can happen over time and after the drying processes.  Dried flowers are always slightly different compared to their original living counterparts.

The art of flower drying maintains their form, resulting in a delicate vintage allure as blooms gracefully age. Keep in mind, dried flowers may undergo slight colour shifts:

  • White and Cream Blooms: Occasionally exhibit an 'antique' or tea-stained appearance.
  • Foliage: Certain greenery may undergo a darkening or a subtle browning transformation.
  • Pink and Purple Blossoms: The color hue may undergo alterations, either lightening or deepening.
  • Purple Blooms: The color hue and vibrancy have the potential to shift, either becoming lighter or darker.
  • Red Blooms: Reds tend to have the most variability, more often than not (around 90% of the time), they transform into a burgundy, deep purplish-red, or occasionally even a rich dark chocolate shade.

This dynamic transformation is a testament to nature's artistry.  

How long will they last? 


With most natural preserved and dried flowers you can expect a slightly change over time. Colors can slightly antique or soften over the years. To extend the life of your preservation we recommend the following:

  • Do not display your preserved flowers in direct sunlight or near a heat source like a fireplace, heating vents, or spotlights/lamps.

  • Do not display in rooms with extreme temperature and humidity fluctuations like bathrooms, or attics.

  • Do not spray window cleaners directly on the glass. Instead, spray it on a towel first and then gently dust the glass.

  • We also recommend selecting UV ArtGlass for extra protection to the elements.

Does Pink Trunk take commissions from around New Zealand?

Yes we do!  You will need to organise packing and a courier to our location in Wellington at your earliest convenience.  We can give you some packing tips if required and we need to receive the flowers within 4 days for favourable preservation results.  

At the end of the process we will organise to courier the frame back to you.

We are also happy to organise pickups across the Wellington region.  

How long does Pink Trunk typically take to undertake a bouquet preservation?

Typically we take between 3-5 weeks after receiving your flowers.  This may vary slightly depending on the type of flowers and If we have to make customisations to our standard offering, these can take a little longer.

Does Pink Trunk provide gift cards for flower preservation?

Yes, we do and they make a fantastic gift for the bride and groom. Simply search "gift voucher" on our site and add them to your cart.

I've dried my own flowers, can Pink Trunk still frame them?

Yes, in most cases we can, but we may need a few details about the flowers first, so get in touch to discuss this option.  

We do prefer to take care of the drying and preservation process ourselves.  Drying flowers can be challenging and time-consuming especially for bridal bouquets that have been without water for an extended period. To guarantee the best results, we want you to put full faith in us to craft a beautiful keepsake of your special day.