Flower Preservation Services

Preserve the Beauty of Your Special Moments with our Flower Preservation Services, the best in Wellington!

Pink Trunk’s guide to preserving your beautiful bouquets: our techniques for keeping your floral memories alive.

Parting ways with your wedding bouquet can be bittersweet, especially considering the meticulous planning and investment that went into selecting each delicate bloom. With such devotion poured into choosing and crafting the floral elements for your special day, it's only natural that many couples ponder how to preserve a piece of that natural beauty. From the intricate details of your ceremony installations to the dainty charm of boutonnières and the captivating allure of bouquets, preserving these cherished floral memories is well within reach with a little thoughtful preparation, and Pink Trunk is here to lend a helping hand.

 We employ a diverse range of methods and techniques, drawing from our extensive knowledge to ensure that every preserved flower retains its vibrant colours and delicate textures.  Recognising that no single method is perfect, we often blend these techniques to achieve the best possible results. 

Air Drying
Certain flowers lend themselves to the traditional method of hanging upside down. We carefully establish a dry, controlled environment with stable temperatures and minimal light exposure for flowers suited to this technique. They typically undergo this process for a period of 2-3 weeks.

Silica Sand

Silica sand is a porous substance that excels at absorbing moisture and effectively drying flowers.  We employ this method for retaining the integrity of chunkier blooms, allowing them to process for 7-14 days.

Glycerine Solution

Glycerine serves as a unique approach to flower preservation, replacing the water within the blooms and allowing for a distinctive absorption process.


While some flowers, like poppies, are particularly suited to the pressing method, we employ it sparingly. Our preference for a more three-dimensional aspect means we typically opt for alternative preservation methods.

We continually explore new techniques in our quest for the most effective and aesthetically pleasing methods to preserve your flowers. Although we do not currently focus on resin or freeze drying, we remain open to the possibility of incorporating these methods if they prove superior in preserving your precious memories.

What we are absolutely certain about is that the best results are achieved when we receive your flowers early and in their freshest state. To ensure a smooth process, be sure to secure your booking and plan in advance, allowing for all the necessary coordination to be completed well before your big day.

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