About Us

At Pink Trunk, our journey began as a gift box company, and we've lovingly woven those roots into our evolving identity. Our passion for dried flowers blossomed from a personal experience that ignited a creative spark. It all started when we incorporated mini bouquets into our bridesmaid proposal boxes and realised that we had the ability to craft these beautiful arrangements ourselves. What was once a mere hobby quickly transformed into a newfound passion and enjoyable pursuit.

To cultivate our skills and explore the art of floristry further, we began purchasing wholesale flowers and experimenting with drying techniques to create unique bouquets and other delightful products. As time went by we've immersed ourselves fully into this enchanting craft.  Today, our speciality lies in the art of crafting exquisite, one-of-a-kind framed preserved wedding bouquets. These creations encapsulate the very essence of your special day. Our meticulous process involves the careful selection and preservation of each flower, arranging them in a unique and personalised design, and framing them in a way that beautifully showcases their enduring beauty.

Pink Trunk People

Cher (left), Kirsten (right)

We're a small, Wellington-based family team who support each other, when times get busy and our small business has united us and given us a very cool initiative to focus on.  Our mission is simple: to bring smiles, love, comfort, and happiness into every gift we create.  We pour our hearts into crafting memorable and meaningful gifts, allowing you to express your affection and appreciation effortlessly.

Welcome to our world of customized treasures, where we blend the beauty of dried flowers with the art of thoughtful gifting. Join us as we curate experiences that warm hearts and create lasting memories.