Floral Reverie: Floral Musings and Inspiration

  • 5 Tips On What Wedding Flowers You Should Consider, If You Want To Preserve Them Afterwards

    If you're determined to preserve your bouquet but uncertain about which flowers will shine on your special day and retain their charm when dried, fear not. I'm here to provide you with essential insights
  • A Unique Bridal Preservation Beneath a Grand Glass Dome

    As Alex an Bryden shared their vision, I knew that the conventional methods wouldn't suffice. A large glass dome would be the perfect vessel for their love-infused blooms.
  • Florist or Artist?

    The question that now lingers in my mind is whether I should label myself a florist or an artist, for it seems the lines between the two have blurred, creating a harmonious fusion.
  • Dried vs Preserved

    We often receive inquiries about the distinction between dried and preserved flowers. While both types have a comparable shelf life, they differ s...
  • Why Dried Flowers?

    Dried flowers offer a unique and versatile way to express your creativity and capture the essence of nature's beauty. They can be arranged in wrea...