Florist or Artist?

Navigating the land between Florist and Artist.

In the quiet moments between holiday festivities, I found myself entangled in the enchanting world of flower art. The air was filled with the fragrance of creativity, and my mind blossomed with ideas as I delved into planning and sketching designs that would soon bring vibrant blooms to life. What began as a mere exploration into new methods of drying flowers soon evolved into a family affair, with everyone enthusiastically tending to the burgeoning beds in our garden.

As I stand amidst the petals, I can't help but reflect on the evolving nature of my passion. The question that now lingers in my mind is whether I should label myself a florist or an artist, for it seems the lines between the two have blurred, creating a harmonious fusion.

Traditionally, a florist's craft revolves around the meticulous arrangement of blooms, the art of enhancing nature's beauty through careful composition. However, my recent endeavors have transcended the boundaries of conventional floristry. Experimenting with novel drying techniques and embracing a more hands-on approach, I've found myself at the intersection of horticulture and artistry.

There's a certain magic in the process – from carefully selecting flowers that encapsulate the essence of the moment to exploring innovative methods of preservation. Each bloom, once alive in nature, transforms into a delicate canvas waiting to capture the beauty it once held. It's a delicate dance of preserving the ephemeral, a choreography of colors and textures.

In the midst of this creative metamorphosis, I've come to realize that the term "florist" may no longer encapsulate the breadth of my artistic pursuits. The garden has become my studio, the petals my paint, and each composition a unique masterpiece. I

As I ponder whether to identify myself as a florist or an artist, I embrace the idea that perhaps these labels are too limiting. Maybe, in this delicate dance with nature, I've stumbled upon a realm where floristry and artistry coalesce into something beautifully indescribable. It's a space where the fragrance of blooms mingles with the scent of creativity, and the canvas extends beyond traditional frames to include the ever-expanding tapestry of our garden.

So, here I am, navigating the enchanting land and between florist and artist, reveling in the beauty that arises when nature and creativity intertwine. As flowers continues to bloom, so too does the realisation that labels are but fleeting, while the joy of creating something uniquely mine is everlasting.

Flower Art- preserved flowers framed

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